Lance Reddick Was a Bigger Destiny 2 Player Than Most May Have Realized

1 year ago

The late actor Lance Reddick may be well known for playing Destiny 2 in his own time, but few may have realized how active he really was.

Following Reddick’s passing on Mar. 17, 2023, Reddit user TechSwag made a post to the Destiny 2 Subreddit detailing how often the actor played the game. After viewing some of the videos he had posted to his Twitter account, he noticed Reddick’s account name was visible and ran it through the official Bungie website.

This revealed that Reddick had put more than 1400 hours into Destiny 2, and that he had completed all of the Lightfall missions except for one that he was playing the night of his passing. He’d also played a considerable amount with a Titan main over the past 18 months despite being better known in the community for regularly using a Warlock main.

The majority of the Subreddit has reacted with surprise and admiration at learning this information. Some have even backed up the revelation with stories of Reddick joining a wide variety of players online when he played the game, and spoken to his love for the franchise.

The news comes amid an outpouring of grief and love for the actor following his unexpected passing at the age of 60. Players even came together for memorials held in Reddick’s honor, wherein they gathered around commander Zavala — the character he voiced — for mass moments of silence. Other memorials are being planned and held throughout the weekend, and will likely persist into the coming days or weeks.

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Keenan McCall