How Do You Fix “Verifying Login Information Error” on Steam? Answered

6 days 11 hours ago

Steam errors are the worst, as there’s nothing more terrible than a barrier getting between you and your library. Luckily, you’ve got us to help you through any errors you might be having. Here’s how to fix the “Verifying Login Information” error in Steam.

Fixing Steam’s “Verifying Login Information Error”

This one’s tough as you’re using the client, but there’s certain things that just won’t go through. Seeing as this could be either client side, it’s not necessarily happening only on your instance of Steam. If you’re ever not sure, you can check the server status. There are a couple more things you can try, though.

First off, you can always go with the first and most obvious idea of completely logging out of Steam and then logging back in after a couple of minutes. Don’t worry if this doesn’t solve it, as there are still other options; it’s just a good place to start.

Head into your Settings and click on the Downloads tab. At the very bottom will be a button for “Clear Download Cache” press this and hit OK on the dialogue box that lets you know you will have to log back in again afterward.

In a similar place as the previous tip, go into the Web Browser tab at the bottom. From here, there will be two buttons, “Delete Browser Cache” and “Delete All Browser Cookies”. Pressing both of these can’t do any harm and could possibly be what is holding you up.

That should hopefully solve your problem, and that’s all you need to know about how to fix the “Verifying Login Information” error in Steam.

Cameron Waldrop