How Do You Fix the FFXIV “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error? Answered

6 days 12 hours ago

Like most big MMORPGs, FFXIV is not immune to errors and issues. Even so, not being able to play your favorite game with your online friends is still pretty frustrating. Don’t worry too much, though, as we’ve got everything you need to know on how to fix the FFXIV “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error.

Fixing the FFXIV “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error

Like a lot of errors, there isn’t an exact outright fix for this specific technical issue. Instead, there are a multitude of different things that could be affecting your ability to access your profile that would make “A Technical Issue Has Occurred Error” pop-up in FFXIV.

Here are a few different solutions to try.

Connect Your Accounts

The error code for this comes from attempting to log into your FFXIV profile through Steam while connected via your Square Enix account. Most of the time, the issue is just that you haven’t linked up both of these accounts.

To do that, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Mog Station and log into your Square Enix account.
  2.  Select Service Account Status. 
  3. Log in to Final Fantasy XIV through the Steam Library and launch the game.
  4. Click the I currently possess a Square Enix account button and enter your account info.

Change Your Steam Name

Another pretty straightforward fix just requires you to change your Steam name. For some reason, the FFXIV launcher does not read non-alphanumeric characters (@, !, ?, etc.) and can be tripped up by them. If you fall in this bracket, try changing your name first.

Delete the ETC folder

In some instances, there may be leftover information from the free trial version of FFXIV that is causing an error. In this instance, the culprit could be the ETC folder. This is a small folder that can be found by searching the directory (type in ETC).

If you see the ETC folder in there, delete it and then restart your computer. This should fix the error. If not, then there is one final step.

Uninstall and Reinstall FFXIV

The classic method of turning something off and back on again is always helpful when trying to get rid of technical errors. If you still see the ECT folder after trying the steps above, uninstall and reinstall FFVIV. The folder will more than likely be gone. If it is not, then you’ll need to contact Square Enix support for further instructions.

That is everything you need to know on how to fix the FFXIV “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error.

Andrew McMahon