Gotham Knights Cinematic Shows Bittersweet Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon Scene

2 days 19 hours ago

A new “exclusive” cinematic for Gotham Knights gives a sweet moment between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. While nothing is directly mentioned in the video description, it is likely this will be an in-game cutscene. It doesn’t necessarily spoil anything, but there are hints on where the story could go.

So, anyone who doesn’t want to know more ahead of the game’s release is now warned. Just to be safe, we will post the video below before talking more about it as a spoiler warning buffer.

This tender moment is obviously sometime after the death of Bruce Wayne that will kick off the events of Gotham Knight. While in the comics Dick Grayson was quick to don the Cowl after the apparent death of Bruce Wayne at the hands of Darkseid in Final Crisis, it appears this universe is a bit more tricky.

This video also confirms that Dick and Barbara were once an item but don’t seem to be anymore for reasons we might learn later on. They are an iconic couple in the comics, so it makes sense that they were together at some point.

It is likely we will see other cinematics pop up showing off Tim Drake and Jason Todd in the next couple months before release.

Gotham Knights will be out Oct. 25, 2022, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While the co-op might be the biggest draw for the game, there will be offline single-player as well.

Cameron Waldrop