Next Honkai Impact 3rd Battlesuit Is Susannah Valkyrie Quicksand

11 months ago

When the 6.5 update arrives, Susannah Manatt will get a Honkai Impact 3rd Valkyrie Quicksand battlesuit, and here's how it looks.

The 6.5 Honkai Impact 3rd is on the way, and with it will come the Susannah Manatt Valkyrie Quicksand battlesuit. She will be a new SP-rank character people can get. She will be a Qua-type character with a “dancing diva” inspiration. She’ll also be the latest chakram unit to join the cast. HoYoVerse shared a preview video with members of the team discussing her design.

Susannah showed up in the Honkai Impact 3rd comic. She’s a Schicksal Phosdjinns Squad Valkyrie alongside Matilla and Zofia. She also comes from an affluent family who is involved with gems and precious stones, which people can see on her battlesuit and chakram.

During the presentation video, the character designer noted that she performs folk dance moves. These come up during attacks and apparently win animations. Her chakram can also be turned into a tambourine. Not to mention during her Ultimate, it will trigger a rhythm game where players will play a drum as she dances. Also, while she wields chakrams, her moveset is based on Chinese two-handed swords. Attacks are designed to deal bleed damage as well.

Here’s the full Honkai Impact 3rd “Susannah Valkyrie Quicksand Battlesuit Preview” presentation.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PCs and mobile devices.

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