Oculus Quest, Rift Currently Out Of Stock

1 year 11 months ago

Oculus's headsets are two of the best out there, and if you're looking for one to play Half-Life: Alyx, you might be out of luck for the time being. The Rift S was briefly in stock yesterday, but is currently sold out. It requires no external sensors, so set-up is easy, and you also have access to the full Oculus library of games and apps. The Oculus Rift S and its all-in-one sister, the Oculus Quest, have been hard to find, but we've seen them in stock on a regular basis.

The Quest is similarly out of stock most places, but Canadians can snag either Oculus Quest model from Best Buy--unfortunately, Best Buy USA does not currently have any in stock.

Oculus Rift S (Sold Out)


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Mat Paget