Life Is Strange: True Colors Ending Guide - How To Secure The Vote

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Life is Strange: True Colors has six distinct endings, each of which can also play out in a few different ways depending on several factors. In order to get the best possible ending, protagonist Alex will need to convince the most prominent members of the Haven community that she's a trustworthy person. To do that, you'll have to make several specific choices in all five chapters.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but this guide contains spoilers. If you want to follow a spoiler-free guide of True Colors, you can find that with our Life is Strange: True Colors walkthrough. The walkthrough goes over all five chapters, listing the prominent decisions as they happen so you won't get spoiled for what happens in later chapters.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Walkthrough

Securing The Vote

Alright, first things first. Regardless of which of the six endings you get, the tone of the final moments in True Colors is dependent on whether the Haven community votes in support of Alex's wild claims, or against her. In that regard, you'll have to convince six people to side with you to garner full support: Steph, Ryan, Duckie, Eleanor, Charlotte, and Pike.

Steph is, thankfully, very easy to convince as she will always side with Alex no matter what choices you make in the game (which is another reason why she's the superior romance option). The other five won't be so simple. You'll need to make certain decisions throughout the game to secure their trust.

God bless Steph, the only one who will support Alex no matter what.

Securing Duckie's Support

To secure Duckie's support, you'll need to interact with him twice: once in Chapter 1 and again in Chapter 4. Both instances aren't mandatory--you'll have to seek Duckie out and talk to him when you're allowed to walk around Haven and complete optional content.

Chapter 1 "Side A": When you're covering for Gabe and working as a server, go up to Duckie and Diane to get their orders. You then need to get both of their orders right when telling them to Jed--part of that is tracking down Duckie's usual brand of whisky. You can find the whiskey upstairs in between the cushions of Alex's couch.

Chapter 4 "Flicker": At the festival, you can find Duckie wallowing in grief off to the side. Read his emotions to figure out why he's sad and then interact with the highlighted objects nearby. With what you learn, you'll be able to ask him to dance--this will lighten his spirits.

Securing Eleanor's Support

Securing Eleanor's support is actually quite simple as you can easily miss the opportunities to betray her trust and make her think that Alex isn't a trustworthy person. You'll need to look out for choices you can make in Chapters 2, 3, and 4.

Chapter 2 "Lanterns": After helping Eleanor work through her fear puzzle, you'll be confronted with the choice between telling her the truth or letting her live in ignorance. As much as it hurts, tell her the truth--this establishes that she can trust Alex.

Chapter 3 "Monster Or Mortal": If you choose to stop into the flower shop during the LARP to check in on Riley, do not tell Riley about Eleanor's condition. Doing so will betray Eleanor's trust in Alex. If you just don't talk to Riley, that works too.

Chapter 4 "Flicker": Again, if you choose to track Riley down before she leaves for college, say your goodbyes but make sure to not tell her about Eleanor. Riley needs to leave Haven for Eleanor to trust Alex. Like in Chapter 3, you can just ignore Riley and that counts towards securing Eleanor's trust.

Securing Charlotte's Support

For Charlotte to support you, she needs to be just as angry at Typhon as Alex is by the end of True Colors' campaign. To that end, you must help her through her grief instead of trying to manipulate her emotions. There are some optional interactions early on that you need to hit, and a mandatory interaction in Chapter 3 that is crucial.

You'll have to carefully navigate Charlotte's grief in order to secure her trust.

Chapter 1 "A Side": You should reveal Ethan's plans to go to the abandoned mine after dark to Gabe when you have the chance--Charlotte will appreciate that you're looking out for Ethan. This will, however, lower Ethan's opinion of Alex. If you want the best of both worlds, you can lie for Ethan here and do something later in Chapter 2 to make up for it.

Chapter 2 "Lanterns": After Charlotte asks Alex to stop by the marijuana dispensary, make sure to do so. Charlotte will ask if it's right to take Typhon's sketchy settlement, which offers enough money to secure Ethan's future. Tell Charlotte to take the settlement, showing that Alex cares about Ethan, just like Gabe did.

Chapter 2 "Lanterns": If you chose to keep Ethan's secret to maintain his trust in Alex, make sure to do this step in Chapter 2 as well. If you decided to rat Ethan out, you can skip this step but it's also quite wholesome so regardless of what you did, we recommend doing this. Go find Ethan in the park after talking to Charlotte and read his emotions to find out why he's so sad and why he's stopped confiding in his mom. Using that information, you can now go back to Charlotte and tell her what's bothering her son, reaffirming that you are someone who is trustworthy.

Chapter 3 "Monster Or Mortal": Do not take Charlotte's anger from her. Do not do it. Not only does taking away her anger remove the possibility of securing Charlotte's support later on in the game, doing so will destroy your chances of getting Ryan's support too.

Securing Pike's Support

Pike is rather easy to get on your side. The only thing stopping him from doing what's right is his fear of Typhon--take that fear away and he'll back you. You get the chance to do so at the end of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 "Flicker": When confronted with the option of taking away Pike's fear, do it. It will make Alex a fearful mess for the rest of the chapter but it secures Pike's support.

Securing Ryan's Support

Without a doubt, Ryan is the most difficult person for Alex to sway to her side. You have to do a lot in order for him to side with Alex against True Colors' secondary antagonist. You will have to interact with him and make very specific choices in every single chapter in order for Ryan to side with Alex.

Ryan is the most difficult person to sway to Alex's side, but you must in order to get the "good" ending.

Chapter 1 "Side A": When looking for Ethan, Ryan will try to restore power to the building that he and Alex are in and he'll ask whether he should mess with the red or black wire. This is an optional conversation that pops up while you're exploring, so you'll miss it if you don't answer in time or if you accidentally walk too far forward and trigger a cutscene. So when it pops up, stop what you're doing to answer. You want to tell him, "Red wire."

Chapter 2 "Lanterns": At Gabe's wake, support Ryan's claim that you heard Gabe make the call to stop the detonation. Yes, it's a lie, but it shows that you support Ryan, which will help him then support you.

Chapter 2 "Lanterns": After telling Ryan about your powers, hug him. It will imply that you appreciate him, which will help him appreciate you.

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