Weekly: a closer look at Pride Week, lamb cults, and more

2 years ago

Today on the Weekly show, we're talking Pride Week, as well as recapping the rest of Eurogamer for you.

My guests wrote some of the wonderful pieces we published as part of Pride Week last week. They are show newcomers Ed Nightingale, a news reporter on Eurogamer - who you'll recognise from the Newscast - and, all the way from tabletop land, Dicebreaker senior staff writer Alex Meehan. Alex often writes the Dicebreaker Recommends posts you see on Eurogamer each month.

Ed helped organise Pride Week this year so we begin with his thoughts on it, before moving onto his interview with the first openly trans eSports caster, Eli "Captain Fluke". She's blazing a trail in the Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant worlds and helping power a self-fulfilling loop of change there.

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Robert Purchese