How to Get Lucky Balls in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

1 hour 30 minutes ago

Lucky Balls are a new item introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and they help to add a little more flair and excitement to the existing lottery system. Here’s how to get them, and what they do in the game.

Getting Lucky Balls in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The only way to get Lucky Balls in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is by playing the lottery. After you complete a quest, there’s a 20% chance that a sale will get activated at the Elgado General Store, allowing you to participate in the lottery system.

Speak with the General Store NPC to play the lottery to win a random prize (these can range from recovery to trap items to help you during hunts), and in doing so, you’ll have a chance of getting a Lucky Ball as well.

Zhiqing Wan


How to Return to Kamura in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours ago

If you’re wondering how to return to Kamura village in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, here’s everything you need to know.

Kamura served as the main hub or base camp in the original story, but considering that Sunbreak takes you to an entirely different location, players might be wondering how to get back to the village in between missions. Let’s get into it.

Going Back to Kamura in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once you start Sunbreak, you’ll be locked into the expansion content for a short while, which means there’s no way to return to Kamura until you’ve progressed a bit further. Thankfully, you’ll only need to clear out a few quests before you’re able to travel back and forth between both locations again.

All you have to do is follow the story objectives and clear out the Master Rank 1 quests, and once you’ve done so, the game will inform you that you’re able to head back to Kamura again.

Zhiqing Wan


How to Increase Master Rank & Max Master Rank Level in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours ago

Here’s a breakdown of how you can increase your Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as well as what the max Master Rank level is. Master Ranks are a new addition in Sunbreak that allow players to take on even more challenging hunts, which is great news for players who have already played the crap out of the base game. Let’s get into it.

What Master Rank Does

As mentioned earlier, by increasing your Master Rank, you’ll be able to go on more challenging hunts. And by taking down the tougher monsters, you can gather even more high quality materials to make better armor and weapons, which will make your subsequent hunts more manageable.

This is the core gameplay loop of Monster Hunter, and it remains intact in Sunbreak as well. Whenever you get stuck, consider farming some of your earlier hunts for materials to craft better equipment, then take on the highest level challenge available to you.

Increasing Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you’ve already played the base game, then you should already be pretty familiar with how the Master Rank system works in Sunbreak.

It works the same way as your Hunter Rank in the original campaign of Monster Hunter Rise, and as it increases, you’ll be able to go on harder hunts.

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How to Undertake Follower Collab Quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours ago

Wondering how to undertake follower collaboration quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get followers to join you on your adventure through Sunbreak’s new monstrous expansion. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Undertaking Follower Collaboration Quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

It’s important to note that Follower Collab quests are not available straight away in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You gain access to them shortly after you kick off your adventure.

When you first start Sunbreak, you’ll be tasked with completing several hunts, eventually unlocking your first Urgent Quest.

In a cutscene, Fiorayne will tell you that she is coming along to help out. After you complete that specific quest, the Follower Collab option unlocks at the Quest Counter (shown in the below image), and you can go on other missions with her or other NPCs, with other Follower Colab targets being added over time.

Dylan Chaundy


How to Use Switch Skill Swap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours ago

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now just a few hours away, and the developers have revealed everything coming along with the latest expansion pack. During one of the recent Monster Hunter digital events, the director Yoshitake Suzuki provided an in-depth look at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Switch Skill Swap ability which allows you to switch skills during the fight. As one of the new mechanics, players should learn about how to use Switch Skill Swap to combat monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Tarun Sayal


How to Start the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion

3 hours 18 minutes ago

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion, introducing tough new monsters to hunt, a Master Rank tier of gear to craft, and lush locales to explore. There is plenty on offer to keep even the most dedicated Hunters occupied for hours on end. But how do you access this new content? Let’s take a look at exactly how to start the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

How to Start the Sunbreak Expansion in Monster Hunter Rise

First things first, actually beginning Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak requires you to have completed the vast majority of the base game. This is because Sunbreak’s content is set at the new Master Rank, meaning it is significantly more difficult than the base game.

While this might be unfortunate for Switch players looking to dive into the newer PC version, with all its bells and whistles, or new players looking to jump in, there is currently no way around this fact.

The base Monster Hunter Rise content will take an experienced player around 25 hours to complete, and a new player somewhere in the realm of 30+ hours. It helps that it is a fantastic game in its own right (and you can read our review of it right here), but just know that it might be a while before you get to the new content.

Khayl Adam


Every New Monster in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours 18 minutes ago

Climactic encounters with towering beasts are arguably the most recognizable aspect of the Monster Hunter franchise, and Sunbreak introduces a whole host of new monstrosities to overcome. Each has its own unique habitat and individual quirks. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each is an important part of the hunt. Let’s take a look at all the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All New Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Below we will take a look at each new monster you will encounter while on your journey through the Kingdom of Elgado. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces a few new monsters, some new subspecies of existing monsters, and several monsters that have featured in the series previously who are making their return. If you are sensitive to spoilers, maybe come back later, as the last three serve as boss encounters in the game.

There are a total of 16 new beasts to hunt in the game, as listed below:

  1. Gore Magala
  2. Espinas
  3. Daimyo Hermitaur
  4. Pyre Ragna-Kadaki
  5. Shagaru Magala
  6. Scorned Magnamalo
  7. Furious Rajang
  8. Seregios
  9. Aurora Somnacanth
  10. Magma Almudron
  11. Astalos
  12. Blood Orange Bishaten
  13. Shogun Ceanataur
  14. Lunagaron
  15. Garangolm
  16. Malzeno

Now that we’ve listed them all, we’ll go over each of them in a bit more detail.

Khayl Adam


Everything You Need to Know About Master Rank Gear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours 18 minutes ago

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak continues the series’ core gameplay loop of enticing players into dangerous hunts in order to earn valuable material, which can then be forged into more powerful gear, which you can then use to hunt more dangerous monsters. In Sunbreak, there is an entirely new tier of armor to work towards called Master Rank, and it represents the very pinnacle of what you can craft. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Master Rank gear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Everything You Need to Know About Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s Master Rank Gear

In the base game of Monster Hunter Rise, there were two tiers of tools budding Hunters could craft: Low Rank and High Rank. This corresponded with the stage you were at in the game. When undertaking Low-Rank Hunts, you would earn materials that could be used to craft Low-Rank gear. High Rank works the same way, the difference being the level of that set Equipment Skill (the passive effects that your Hunter gains by wearing the set.)

Khayl Adam


How to Use Buddy Recon in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

3 hours ago

It is always going to be challenging when you are trying to take down hulking beasts, and not everyone is cut out to go toe to toe with such monsters. Therefore, it is always important to conserve your strength to prepare for the upcoming fight, or have a shortcut to get where you need to be available when you know a tough task is ahead. If you are curious about how to use Buddy Recon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, this guide is for you.

Jake Su


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hopping Skewers Explained

3 hours ago

Being prepared for a hunt is always going to help your chances, especially when the foe awaiting you is one that is dangerous, fast, big, or a combination of everything above. However, that goes beyond just ensuring you have the best equipment for the job, having a good meal can make a world of difference if you know what you’re doing. For those seeking to understand more about Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, read on.

Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Explained

It is almost customary for hunters to dig into Dango before going off on a hunt, as a good meal can provide useful buffs that can shift things in your favor. However, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds the option of using Hopping Skewers instead of the normal option. The key difference is that it will affect the skill levels as well as the activation of Dango skills.

Jake Su


All Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Amiibo Unlocks & How to Scan Them

3 hours ago

When it comes to taking down the most terrifying of monsters, sometimes it is not just about having the right skills, you might want to look as cool as possible at the same time. With so many options in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at your disposal, why not add a few more into the mix? If you are looking for all the amiibo unlocks in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you are in the right place.

All Amiibo Unlocks in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Similar to Monster Hunter Rise, there will be three new amiibos that will release alongside Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC. Based on the designs of the flagship monster Malzeno, you will be able to unlock more layered armor with the corresponding amiibo:

Jake Su


Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp Arrives on PS4, PC, & Mobile in July

3 hours ago

Not to be confused with the mainline games, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is an expanded version of the optional board game that we saw back in Danganronpa V3. It was released as part of the Decadence Switch package last year, but PS4, PC, and mobile players will be able to grab it next month as well.

Set on Jabberwock Island, players will be able to experience a new story featuring all of the characters from across all the Danganronpa games, as well as Monokuma and his Monokids. This is an RPG-style board game where your characters can level up as you roll the dice and move them along the board, and engage in turn-based combat against Monokuma’s minions.

The gameplay is honestly pretty bland, and the highlight here is getting to see all your series faves interact with each other. But even that bit feels rather fanservice-y and not exactly very well-written, especially by Danganronpa standards. That said, this does feel like a great game to take with you on mobile devices, and could be worth a look if you’re a longtime fan of the series.

You can check out some of the in-game screenshots down below as well:

Zhiqing Wan


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trials of the Dragon King DLC Revealed with Trailer & Release Date

3 hours 25 minutes ago

Today Square Enix revealed the first DLC expansion for its popular action RPG Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, titled “Trials of the Dragon King.”

The DLC will release on July 20, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

It will mark the first addition of content as part of the season pass, including a new job, weapon, areas, stories, and challenges. There will also be the addition of a new “accessories” category for gear.

Of course, the title will likely tell you that the prominent enemy of this DLC is the king of the dragons, Bahamut.

We already know the titles of the following DLC that will be released within the season pass, “Wanderer of the Rift” and “different future.”

You can check out the first trailer of the DLC below, including a well-known hero that fans of the Final Fantasy series will be familiar with, the Warrior of Light.

Giuseppe Nelva


Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Coin, And All Of The Books You Should Be Reading | From Panel To Podcast

5 hours 13 minutes ago

On this episode of From Panel to Podcast we dive into last week's books, giving you a rundown of the best stories that you should add to your pull list. We also highlight the comics that are releasing this week and provide insight into why you may want to pick them up.

If you would like to follow us on Twitter: Andrew Reiner (@Andrew_Reiner) and Philip Hoff (@bnow23).

From Panel to Podcast is a weekly show created by two lifelong comic book readers who offer suggestions on which comic books you should be reading each week. Each episode also dives into the latest developments for comics in video games, movies, and television shows. We'll even discuss comic book collectibles and anything we think you should know about that pertains to this entertainment medium.

Be sure to subscribe to From Panel to Podcast on your favorite podcast platform. The show is available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Andrew Reiner

What Did Hisoka Tell Bodoro in Hunter x Hunter?

6 hours 22 minutes ago

The world of Hunter x Hunter has many unanswered questions that fans still wonder about since its release in 2011. Inquiries can range from the mysteries of Gon’s birth mother to Ging’s Nen abilities, but one that remains an enigma is what Hisoka tells Bodoro during their fight. After looking over theories and facts about the popular show, we’ll explain what really happened between the two.

What Did Hisoka Tell Bodoro in Hunter x Hunter? Answered

Because Bodoro met his demise in Hunter x Hunter, there isn’t a clear-cut answer to what Hisoka told him during the exam. Fortunately, fans have come up with some theories that could potentially be true when examining Bodoro’s characteristics.

While looking back at the series, you may notice that he refuses to fight children due to his code of ethics. In addition, Bodoro states that he will not fight Killua and Gon because of their young age, which further instigates the martial artist’s fight against Hisoka. However, during the showdown, he refuses to give up, in spite of being brutally injured by the conniving magician.

Considering these various topics, the community believes that Hisoka whispers, “If you don’t forfeit, I am going to fight the children,” causing Bodoro to surrender. Those who have watched the anime can see the irony in this theory once the arc ends.

Kristina Ebanez


The Best Fire Emblem Games, All 9 Ranked

6 hours 58 minutes ago

The Fire Emblem series was properly revived with the release of Awakening back in 2013, and it’s only gotten even more popular since then. Which means that it’s time to rank all eight main Fire Emblem games that have been released so far.

Note: This list is only for the Fire Emblem games that have been released in North America up to this point. There’s also a spoiler warning for most of the titles listed here.

9. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (2008)

fire emblem: shadow dragon

Shadow Dragon released on the Nintendo DS, but is actually a remake of the very first game that released on the Famicom in 1990. Even with a modern coat of paint and some improvements Shadow Dragon still has some pieces that feel dated, making it more of an experience to see where the series started.

Hayes Madsen


5 Letter Words Starting With HU – Wordle Game Help

7 hours 18 minutes ago

Getting your guesses going in the right direction will help a lot when playing Wordle, as it allows players to eliminate unwanted letters and play with those that are present in the answer. In this guide, we’ll go through all of the 5-letter words starting with HU to give you a good idea of where to start and aid you on the quest to maintain your streak.

Note that the following list of words has been tested and will work in Wordle. However, if you spot any missing or incorrect words, please inform us via the comments below so we can take a look at the list and update it if necessary.

All 5 Letter Words Starting With HU

  • hubby
  • hucks
  • hudna
  • hudud
  • huers
  • huffs
  • huffy
  • huger
  • huggy
  • huhus
  • huias
  • hulas
  • hules
  • hulks
  • hulky
  • hullo
  • hulls
  • hully
  • human
  • humas
  • humfs
  • humic
  • humid
  • humor
  • humph
  • humps
  • humpy
  • humus
  • hunch
  • hunks
  • hunky
  • hunts
  • hurds
  • hurls
  • hurly
  • hurra
  • hurry
  • hurst
  • hurts
  • hushy
  • husks
  • husky
  • husos
  • hussy
  • hutch
  • hutia
  • huzza
  • huzzy

Now that you are caught up with this particular list of words, you should have everything you’ll need to start the game off. Pick your chosen word and input it as your answer in Wordle, and check the colors to get an idea of where you are at. Correct letters in the right position will turn green, yellow indicates a right letter in the wrong place, while grey rules out the letter entirely.

Jake Su


5 Letter Words Ending With CH – Wordle Game Help

7 hours ago

Six guesses might not seem like a lot, but if you are able to weed out the wrong letters and get a few correct ones, it will set you up for success in Wordle. In this guide, we’ll go through all of the 5-letter words ending with CH to give you a good idea of where to start and aid you on the quest to maintain your streak.

Note that the following list of words has been tested and will work in Wordle. However, if you spot any missing or incorrect words, please inform us via the comments below so we can take a look at the list and update it if necessary.

Jake Su


5 Letter Words Starting & Ending With H – Wordle Game Help

7 hours 20 minutes ago

With so many words to choose from, sometimes, it can be hard to get started with Wordle. However, if you manage to get a good start, things will be easier as you continually refine your answer. In this guide, we’ll go through all of the 5-letter words starting and ending with H to give you some options in your quest to maintain your streak.

Note that the following list of words has been tested and will work in Wordle. However, if you spot any missing or incorrect words, please inform us via the comments below so we can take a look at the list and update it if necessary.

All 5 Letter Words Starting & Ending With H

  • haith
  • hanch
  • harsh
  • hatch
  • haugh
  • heath
  • heigh
  • hench
  • heuch
  • heugh
  • hewgh
  • hilch
  • hitch
  • hoach
  • hooch
  • hoosh
  • horah
  • hotch
  • hough
  • humph
  • hunch
  • hutch

Now that you are aware of the potential answers, it is time to put them to the test. Choose a word from the list and see what pops up. If you see green, you have the right letter in the correct spot, while yellow will mean positions need to be changed. As for grey, you can rule that letter out completely.

By methodically picking out the potential answers, it won’t be long before you achieve success. For those in a hurry, here is the answer to today’s puzzle instead.

Jake Su


When Does Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Come Out?

7 hours 23 minutes ago

If you’re wondering when Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 comes out, here’s what you need to know. After a long wait, and plenty of rumors to keep fans on edge, the beloved series finally has a set release date for its second season. Let’s get into it.

Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date

The subbed and dubbed versions of Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 releases on July 14, where Sadao must take care of a mysterious child. Since being a parent is no easy feat, he seeks the help of his companions, such as Alciel and Chiho Sasaki. But, to the Demon King’s dismay, the child believes that Emilia and Sadao are her parents, resulting in hilarious shenanigans between the two.

In the latest trailer for the anime, all-new characters will join the cast, including Amane Oguro, Lailah, Gabriel, and Camio. In addition, other returning members will have a more prominent role in the second season, including Rika Suzuki and Mayumi Kisaki.

The last time we saw the Ente Isla residents was in 2013 in its initial launch, showcasing the Devil and the Hero teaming up to save humanity from various atrocities. By the last episode, the two seemingly come to terms with each other; however, they will undoubtedly maintain their rocky relationship in Season 2.

Kristina Ebanez


Terrible Remake Is Being Remade All Over Again

7 hours 29 minutes ago

In 2003, a shooter called XIII was released. Based on a series of Belgian graphic novels, it tried something unique (for the time) by emulating the comic’s cel-shaded look, and while it wasn’t the greatest shooter ever made, it was still incredibly cool, quickly earning itself cult status.


Luke Plunkett


When & Where Is Crunchyroll Expo 2022

7 hours 33 minutes ago

Want to know when and where Crunchyroll Expo 2022 is taking place? Well, don’t worry, as we’ve got all the information you could possibly need to know about the event and what is going on there. Here is everything you need to know.

Crunchyroll Expo 2022 Dates and Location

Crunchyroll Expo 2022 is set to take place both in-person and streaming, with select panels on demand from Aug. 5–7, 2022, with an additional digital replay available until Aug. 9, 2022. The event will be hosted at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

What Is Crunchyroll Expo?

Crunchyroll Expo is a yearly celebration of all things anime, featuring unique panels, exclusive merchandise, and world premieres. In-person guests have the opportunity to shop amongst four distinct districts:

  • Central Shopping District – featuring anime merchandise, con exclusives, swag, and more
  • Arts District – Home to nearly 150 artists
  • Theater District – Showcases anime premieres and screenings
  • Super Arcade – Features Club Yuzu, the place for gaming, raving, and more unique programming

How to Sign Up & Watch Crunchyroll Expo 2022

If you’re interested in signing up for the event and getting your very own badge, just follow the following instructions:

Andrew McMahon


Soul Hackers 2 for PS5, PS4, Xbox, & PC Gets New Trailer All About Weird Pizza

7 hours ago

Today Atlus released another daily trailer of the upcoming JRPG Soul Hackers 2, focusing on some of the locations and dishes that will be featured in the game.

We return to the Pizzeria “Bon Appetite” where apparently you can order pizza named “Accuracy Bambino.”

Funnily, as an Italian, I’ve never in my life heard of a kind of pizza named “Bambino.” After a bit of research, turns out it’s a freestyle pizza concept somewhat popular in Japan that involves toppings popular with children (“Bambino” in Italian means “Child”), like corn, tuna, and bacon. The things you learn from the trailer of a game…

Like most daily trailers, we also get the daily horoscope, which sees Libra at the top of the fortune ranking and cancer at the bottom.

You can check the video out below.

Soul Hackers 2 releases for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam and Windows Store) on August 26, just one day after the Japanese launch on August 25.

Giuseppe Nelva


Today’s Wordle Answer (June 30, 2022)

8 hours ago

It’s a new day and that means there’s a fresh Wordle answer to be resolved. With it being a Thursday, you may be working on solving this little brainteaser on your commute into work or on your lunch break. In this guide, we’ll be giving you today’s Wordle answer for June 30, 2022, so you can keep that winning streak going.

What’s the Best Word to Start with in Wordle?

Often, the best words to start with are any that have two or more vowels, as this can drastically reduce the amount of words the solution can be.

We’re a big fan of using ‘audio’ as our first word, as it has four of the five vowels in it straight away, plus the letter ‘d’ tends to be a pretty common letter to pop-up, too.

You can check out our recommendations for the best words to start with in Wordle here.

Hints for Today’s Wordle Solution

Not looking for a complete giveaway of the answer for today’s word-based conundrum? Well, good news, that’s what this section’s for. We’ve provided a little bullet point list of hints specific to today’s Wordle answer, so you can use as many, or as few as you like to help you keep that streak going, without just completely cheating.

  • The word is a noun.
  • Today’s Wordle solution has one repeating letter.
  • It has one vowel.
  • It begins with the letter H.
  • It ends with the letter H.

Today’s (June 30, 2022) Wordle Answer for Game #376 Is…


Hutch is a noun for a box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticated animals.

Chris Jecks


Pokémon Go dev reportedly lays off 8% of staff, cancels four more projects

9 hours 33 minutes ago

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has reportedly fire 85 to 90 members of its staff and cancelled four of its in-development projects - including a previously announced Transformers game and a collaboration with theatre company Punchdrunk - amid "economic turmoil" for the company.

That's according to Bloomberg, which has shared portions of an email sent to Niantic staff by the company's chief executive officer John Hanke.

In the message, Hanke is said to have blamed today's project cancellations and redundancies - which will affect around 8% of Niantic's workforce - on the company facing "a time of economic turmoil". Hanke reportedly claimed the moves would help "further streamline our operations in order to best position the company to weather any economic storms that may lie ahead."

Read more

Matt Wales


7 Minecraft Treehouse Ideas for Your Next Build

10 hours 10 minutes ago

Treehouses in Minecraft provide a wonderful way of incorporating unique and cool designs into your home. Whether you're just starting out and want some more niche house ideas to work from, or you're a pro in Minecraft but want to think outside the box, we've got ideas and tips for you.


There are two things to consider as you scroll through our favorite treehouse build concepts:

  • In order to dictate the size of your treehouse, it will depend if you’re working on your main hub or an addition to an existing build.
  • Furthermore, the biome you choose to build in will control the extent to which you can use naturally generated trees versus trees that you artificially create yourself.

That said, we’ve rounded up some of the best treehouse build ideas for Minecraft, from simple, starter tree houses to next-level designs and challenging builds, and everything in between.

Lindsey Salzer


God of War: Ragnarok Info Will be Shared 'at the Earliest Possible Moment," Cory Barlog Says

10 hours 25 minutes ago

One of the biggest rumors heading into the week was potential information surrounding God of War: Ragnarok, possibly even a release date. But with June almost over and no mention of the next God of War game, Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog is asking fans to keep the faith.

“If it were up to me I would share all the information hen I know about it. But it is not up to me,” Barlog tweeted. “So please, be patient.”

Barlog also added that information “will be shared at the earliest possible moment they can be,” meaning any information, or lack of is for a reason.

For the past week, there have been rumors that there will be some kind of announcement for God of War Ragnarok on June 30 after reports from Bloomberg suggested Ragnarok is slated for a November 2022 launch.

But without any announcement, it looks like God of War Ragnarok could skip June altogether, though there are rumblings that any news could be surprise dropped tomorrow.

Matt Kim


Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Get During the Sci-Fi Sale

10 hours ago

It being Wednesday means a new sale has hit the PlayStation Store. Seeing as we’re looking at a sale of over 100 games, there’s a lot to comb through.

To help you organize somewhat, we have collected the best games to pick up while the sale is going. You have until July 14 when the sale ends to pick anything up, and here’s what you should start with.


Best Games in the PlayStation Sci-Fi Sale


Original Price: $14.99 Sale Price: $7.49

If you’ve played Returnal, you’re somewhat familiar with developer Housemarque’s style. However, you might not have known that before hitting it big with the PS5 exclusive, they were most known for terrific twin-stick shooters.

Cameron Waldrop


How to Fix ‘Epic Games Socket Open’ Error

10 hours 40 minutes ago

Struggling to figure out how to fix the ‘Epic Games Socket Open’ error? This frustrating error has popped up recently for many users, making connecting to the platform an absolute hassle. Here is everything you need to know about the different ways to possibly resolve this issue.

How to Fix ‘Epic Games Socket Open’ Error

There are a handful of different issues that could be causing the Epic Games Socket Open error. According to Epic Games, these are the various methods of troubleshooting the error, as listed below:

  • Check the Epic Games status page
  • Use a wired connection
  • Disable your firewall
  • Unblock network ports
  • Use a VPN or proxy server
  • Switch your DNS
  • Edit the Engine.ini file
  • Whitelist relevant domains

Below, we’ll go over each solution in more detail.

Check the Epic Games Status page

The first thing you’re going to want to try is making sure the server status is in order. To do this, simply go to the Epic Games Server Status page. If the issues you’re having are related to an outage or system-wide issue, then you won’t be able to connect to the Epic Games Launcher or Fortnite until it’s resolved.

Andrew McMahon


Learning From The Past: A Street Fighter 6 Interview

10 hours 46 minutes ago

Street Fighter 6 Interview

We recently sat down with Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto, Director and Producer of Street Fighter 6, respectively, for an interview about Capcom's upcoming fighting game. We learn about how they're pulling inspiration from the worlds of Final Fight and Third Strike, why Modern Control Type "is not an 'Easy Mode'" and should be used in tournament play, and finally, how the team is learning from Street Fighter 5's mistakes to ensure a vibrant future for the series.


Alex Van Aken

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A330, Pilatus PC-12, Eurofighter Typhoon, & Fokker F28 Get New Screenshots; Beijing Capital Airport & More Released

10 hours ago

Today third-party developers had plenty of news to share about aircraft and airport add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

First of all, we take a look at the new Airbus A330 by Aerosoft. All images are still work-in-progress but we get to see exterior mode, flight deck, and even the EFB, including the pushback feature.

Giuseppe Nelva


Is 16TB enough hard drive for you? This refurb is down to $200

10 hours 53 minutes ago

Looking to load up on storage? Seagate's enterprise-grade 16TB 7200RPM Exos X16 HDDs are down to $200 when you buy a manufacturer refurbished unit at Amazon USA.

That's $73 cheaper than a new equivalent, and the drives come with a 90-day 'Amazon renewed guarantee'. This means that you can check the drive's actual usage and performance using tools like CrystalDiskInfo, and keep it only if you're happy with it.

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Will Judd

RimWorld: Console Edition comes to PS4 and Xbox One in July

11 hours 25 minutes ago

RimWorld, developer Ludeon Studios' widely acclaimed sci-fi colony sim, will finally be making the jump to consoles - some three and a half years after its full PC release - on 29th July.

RimWorld has, of course, made quite the mark on PC since its early access arrival all the way back in 2013 - partly for its wonderfully rich blend of management sim action and procedural storytelling, but equally for the way its complex systems can quickly tumble into outright debauchery, ranging from drug-fuelled cannibalism to non-consensual body harvesting.

Word that a console version of RimWorld was finally on the way arrived in March, although notably not through official channels. Instead, the port - being handled by Double Eleven Limited, which has previously helped port the likes of Minecraft Dungeons and Rust to consoles - hit headlines when it was listed as having been refused classification in Australia.

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Matt Wales


Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Recap

11 hours ago

Need a recap of Stranger Things 4 Season Volume 1 before the second installment releases? We’ve got you covered with this guide on everything you need to know about the current adventures of the legendary Hawkin’s group. Furthermore, we’ll explain the characters’ whereabouts and the events that could transpire in the season finale.

***Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that the details of these events are significant spoilers for Season 4So if you’d like to enjoy the newest season spoiler-free, we recommend you turn back now.***

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Recap

Keeping track of the multiple storylines within Stranger Things can be challenging. But, fret not; we’ll break down each of the character’s missions and crucial moments that are essential to remember for the finale.

Kristina Ebanez