Cyberpunk 2077 modders are massively improving player customisation

7 hours 44 minutes ago

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, you can swap out your boring, run-of-the-mill human bones for an endoskeleton at the drop of a hat. It's so quick and painless, you won't even know it's happening. No, seriously: when you decide to install some cyberware at the Ripperdoc, almost nothing happens. The lack of a cutscene or appearance change for most of Cyberpunk 2077's cyberware has disappointed a fair number of players, myself included - and while visible changes appear with a couple of hand and arm mods, even these are fairly subtle. Where are the big red mechanical arms I was expecting? Why can't I have that NPC's robot legs?

Luckily, PC modders are here to help.

Over the last few weeks, modders on Nexus Mods have been hard at work opening up further customisation options for players, be it the ability to change your haircut and appearance mid-game, or access some of the fancy clothes normally locked to Night City's NPCs. There's even a way to get your hands on some Trauma Team gear. But the thing that excites me the most is this: modders have created several different ways for you to visibly modify your body.

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First Borderlands 3 Arms Race Mini-Event Starts Today & Other Changes

7 hours 49 minutes ago

That’s right folks, today kicks off the Clear Skies event for Arms Race in Borderlands 3. Clear Skies will last until January 28. Today’s changes to the game are in an actual update, so you will need to do some downloading as opposed to the usual wait at the main menu for the hotfixes to apply.

For those unfamiliar with Arms Race, it is a game mode new to the Borderlands series that drops the player into a large map with zero gear or player skills and they must work within the confines of the encroaching Murdercane (pretty much the same way circles work in every Battle Royale). The player must scrounge up enough loot to guarantee survival (shields are required) while working to collect the best loot they can to then beat the mode’s boss and win.

The first mini-event, Clear Skies, begins with today’s hotfixes. During the Clear Skies mini-event, all enemies will have a chance to drop better loot and the Murdercane’s circle will take longer to close in so you have precious extra time to scavenge and explore.

The list of changes to the game are:

Cameron Waldrop


Magic: The Gathering Returns to Comics in April 2021

7 hours 52 minutes ago
If you enjoy the lore and characters of Magic: The Gathering as much as the game itself, then you'll be pleased to hear the long-running franchise is returning to the comic book arena in 2021. Publisher BOOM! Studios has struck a new deal with Wizards of the Coast and parent company Hasbro to produce a new line of Magic: The Gathering comics, beginning with an ongoing monthly series simply titled Magic. Magic's creative team includes writer Jed MacKay (Black Cat), artist Ig Guara (Ghost-Spider), colorist Arianna Consonni and letterer Ed Dukeshire. You can get an exclusive first look at the covers to Magic #1 and Guara's character designs in the slideshow gallery below: [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=magic-the-gathering-returns-to-comics-in-april-2021&captions=true"] The series opens in the realm of Ravnica, whose planet-sized city is rocked by assassination attempts against three Guildmasters, Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya. The trio will be forced to put aside their differences and travel to the plane of Zendikar to hunt the assassins. Boom is teasing a climactic showdown with a major Magic: The Gathering character. “Twenty-five years ago when I was digging through the commons and uncommons bin to build my first deck, I would never have thought that one day I would be handed the reins to the Magic: The Gathering comic, but here we are!” said MacKay in the publisher's press release. “I'm extremely psyched to be digging into the world of MAGIC and all that entails, and can't wait for all of you to see what we've been cooking up for you!” “It is amazing to be able to tell a story in the universe of a game I have been playing for over 20 years! I battled the Affinity deck and watched the Phyrexian take over Mirrodin,” said Guara.
Jesse Schedeen


First 4 Figures' Gravelord Nito statue has a cloak made of a hair and that just seems right

7 hours 52 minutes ago

As far as expensive-as-hell gaming statues go, First 4 Figures' take on Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls speaks to me strictly on a window-shopping level. But I love him. I love him and his "faux hair cloak."

Folks, this 27" tall statue costs $700 – and that's the early bird price, without shipping.

If you can swing it, good for you. Discounted pre-orders are open until February 3 with an expected ship date of Q1 2022. Your Dark Souls collection – which I assume you have, because who would start collecting merch with such a high-effort statue – will be all the more imposing with Nito standing tall.

For the rest of us, hey, at least he's fun to look at. It's tough to appreciate the big lug when skeletons are nipping at your heels and you really don't want to make the trek through the Tomb of Giants again.

I'll continue to appreciate First 4 Figures from a distance... with my credit card locked up tight.

First 4 Figures' Gravelord Nito statue has a cloak made of a hair and that just seems right screenshot

Jordan Devore

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Greater Moncton Airport Review (Aerosoft)

7 hours 58 minutes ago

Aerosoft just released Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (CYQM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by Stairport Sceneries.

As the busiest airport in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, CYQM offers a great mix of activities for flight simulation enthusiasts.

It hosts airliner traffic, a lot of cargo hauling. and one of the most well-known flight schools in the country for general aviation, the Moncton Flight College.

Available on Aerosoft’s own store for about €18 including VAT, it comes with its own installer as is the publisher’s standard, which means that installation is relatively painless. The package even includes a complement of relevant charts.

If you’d like to see what the airport looks like in detail in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can check out the in-depth flyover video below, showing the airfield from every angle, every weather condition, and at night.

On the other hand, the second video below showcases an ILS approach to runway 29.

Giuseppe Nelva


New Civilization VI Video Is All About Vietnam and Its Leader Bà Triệu

8 hours 1 minute ago

Today Firaxis and 2K Games revealed a new video of the upcoming DLC package for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

We get to take a deeper look at the new civilization, Vietnam, and its leader, fiery 3rd-century national heroine Bà Triệu.

You can check the video out below.

We also hear about Vietnam’s features, its Voi Chién unique unit, and its unique district, the Thàn, and Bà Triệu’s own ability “Drive Out The Aggressors.”

More information about the DLC can also be found in yesterday’s video.

Giuseppe Nelva


Here's our first look at King of Fighters 15's Meitenkun in action

8 hours 8 minutes ago

SNK has released a gameplay video for King of Fighters 15's sleepy pillow-lover Meitenkun.

The video below is much better than last week's Shun'ei gameplay, which was so packed with jump cuts it was hard to get a good idea of how the character works.

The Meitenkun gameplay, however, gives us a decent look at his moveset and combos. As in King of Fighters 14, Meitenkun is a sleepy young fighter who always holds a pillow. He's sort of like a drunken master archetype - except instead of being pissed, Meitenkun is just knackered.

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This $1000 ring lets you propose the Skyrim way

8 hours 19 minutes ago

A photograph of two Ritual of Mara rings, with knotwork inspired by Skyrim's Amulet of Mara.An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot showing an Amulet of Mara.

When you want to marry an NPC in Skyrim, you propose using an Amulet of Mara. In real life, you can now buy an official 10-karat gold ring based on the amulet’s design. For $1000, you can make your proposal hella Skyrim. I have previously heard of at least one person proposing with a custom ring based on the amulet, and one who proposed with an actual replica amulet.


Alice O'Connor

Frogwares shares more on investigatory adventure Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

8 hours 21 minutes ago

Frogwares is currently beavering away on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - the latest entry in its well-regarded deduction-focussed adventure series - and as it works toward a PlayStation, Xbox, and PC launch later this year, the developer has shed a little more light on what's in store.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, as we learned when it was announced last year, serves as a prequel to Frogwares' earlier Sherlock Holmes games, rewinding the clock to Holme's days as a fresh-faced, 21-year-old in order to chart the events that would lead him to a life of sleuthing.

Chapter One marks a deliberate shift away from the fog-shrouded London streets of previous games, with its third-person, open-world investigatory action taking place on a sunny, Mediterranean-inspired island - riddled with class divides and corruption - as Sherlock, with the help of best friend Jonathan, investigates the death of his mother.

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Get To Know The Zany Cast Of Disgaea 6 In This New Trailer

8 hours 21 minutes ago

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is coming exclusively to Switch this summer (in the west at least), and NIS released a new trailer running down the absurd cast of characters players can expect to meet. If for some reason you had any doubts Disgaea 6 would be any less silly than its predecessors, the game's colorful band of heroes should quickly dispel any reservations. 

We’ve already been acquainted with Zed, our attitudinal zombie hero(?) who can die and resurrect repeatedly, which actually raises his strength. Now players can meet Bieko, Zed’s decidedly friendlier sister, their companion Cerberus, the self-centered Princess Melodia, among others. My favorite is Piyori Nijino who is a Prism Ranger. That’s pretty much all you need to know because Prism Rangers rock, so this makes Piyori the best character by default. 

Click here to watch embedded media

Marcus Stewart

Hitman 3 tech review: the Glacier Engine shines on next-gen consoles

8 hours ago

Traditionally, the cross-gen period - the awkward transition from one set of consoles to the next - hasn't really worked out. There's the sense that the next-gen versions aren't necessarily everything they could be, while the software served up to owners of the older consoles often verged on the unplayable. But as move from PS4 to PS5, from Xbox One to Xbox Series, it's clear that we're seeing something very different this time around. IO Interactive's Hitman 3 shows that cross-gen can actually work out just fine, and there's the feeling that prior generation consoles are being pushed closer to their ultimate limits, while simultaneously, massive gains are achieved when playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Of course, Hitman 3 is a game with additional interest for us, because IO's excellent Glacier Engine has evolved, bringing impressive new features into the technology - while at the same time back-porting those innovations to the entirety of the Hitman trilogy. It's to IO's credit that with each Hitman release, and with each iteration of Glacier, existing content has been ported to the latest game, benefitting from the engine upgrades. It's doubly useful for Hitman 3 played on a next-gen console because the baseline improvements are so profound, it's effectively both a new game and a next-gen remaster of the older releases.


Cancelled BioWare project Revolver shown in concept art

8 hours 27 minutes ago

Previously-unseen concept art from cancelled BioWare project Revolver has been posted online by artist Matt Rhodes.

Revolver, a spiritual successor to Jade Empire, was never officially announced. Bits and pieces about it surfaced over the years, before BioWare finally went into detail on the game in its recent 25th anniversary book.

Set in the near-future, the project was designed to spread BioWare's trademark narrative and character-driven efforts across a more open-world and action-heavy setting. Huh, sounds familiar.

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Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer Teases New King’s Canyon in Explosive Cinematic

8 hours 31 minutes ago

A Stories From the Outlands video was released earlier this week to introduce Fuse — the newest Legend that’ll be joining the Apex Games on Feb. 2. Today’s launch trailer teases his abilities while giving a quick preview of what to expect in Apex Legends Season 8, Mayhem.

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy makes his cinematic debut in front of the other Legends in this trailer when everything goes wrong. The ship he descends on starts to fire cannon in every direction, threatening the surrounding spectators.

Thanks to some quick thinking, Fuse is able to bring it down with the help of his golden grenade from his Story From the Outlands, which seemed to have an EMP effect.

Soon after, multiple sections of King’s Canyon start to literally explode, changing the terrain in preparation for Season 8 of Apex Legends.

Check out the chaotic Season 8 launch trailer below for yourself below to get a quick look at what’s to come next month:

Ethan Anderson


Puzzle Quest 3 announced, free-to-play coming to PC and mobile

8 hours 39 minutes ago

Puzzle Quest 3 is in development, publisher 505 Games has announced.

This is a brand new free-to-play entry in the popular puzzle-RPG franchise, and the first game released by 505 after it bought Puzzle Quest developer Infinity Plus Two. The teaser trailer is below:

According to the official blurb, Puzzle Quest 3 returns to its origins, "recalling the deep RPG mechanics and signature heroic storylines that made the original a standout hit within the Match-3 category".

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets New Screenshots Revealing God of Destruction Toppo DLC

8 hours 40 minutes ago

Today Bandai Namco revealed a new gallery of screenshots showcasing the upcoming Legendary Pack 1 DLC.

We get to see another new character included in the DLC on top of Paikuhan/Pikkon, and it’s God of Destruction Toppo.

At the same time as the DLC (which is now slated for a Spring 2021 release), a free update will bring Janemba’s CC mascot and five new Hero Colosseum figurines as follows:

  • Toppo (God of Destruction)
  • Pikkon
  • Janemba
  • Gogeta (Super Saiyan 1)
  • Vegeta (SSGSS)

You can find the screenshots below. Incidentally yes, the DLC is titled “Legendary Pack 1” which likely means that it’s not the last. That’s pretty impressive for a game that is over four years old.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. If you want to read more about the game, you can check out our review.

Giuseppe Nelva


Resident Evil Village is out May 7 and that includes PS4 and Xbox One

8 hours 41 minutes ago

During this afternoon's Resident Evil showcase event, Capcom announced a May 7, 2021 worldwide release for Resident Evil Village. That includes not just PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, but also the getting-on-in-years PS4 and Xbox One. Capcom "worked hard" to pull off the simultaneous launch.

If you're picking up the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions, you'll be able to upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S equivalent at no extra cost. A PS5-exclusive demo, Maiden, is live on the PlayStation Store today (it's about 4GB). Later this spring, a new, "separate" demo will release on "all platforms."

"Maiden was originally designed as a visual demo that would allow you to explore the inside of Dimitrescu Castle, but it evolved to include a short story and puzzle solving," said producer Peter Fabiano. "Maiden is not the name of any person, but instead it symbolizes the protagonist, a girl who's trapped in Dimitrescu Castle." Standalone but related demos are one of my favorite parts of this series.

I'm stoked to pick up where the insanity of Resident Evil 7 left off, but with even more strangeness.

Jordan Devore

Nvidia RTX 3070 vs 3060 Ti: how do they compare?

8 hours 52 minutes ago

A photo of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders EditionA photo of Zotac's Twin Edge edition of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.

Nvidia’s new RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti GPUs may still be impossible to get hold of right now, but if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your graphics card recently and aren’t sure which one to go for when they eventually come back in stock, then you’re in the right place. To help you decide which graphics card is the right one for you, I’ve put together some handy benchmark graphs to show you exactly how they stack up in all of today’s biggest and best PC games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K.


Katharine Castle

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 125: the best sneakings in games special

8 hours 52 minutes ago

Two grizzled guards looking at the player in Dishonored 2 with some alarm. They appear to have been surprised by the player, who is holding a big stabby knife

Welcome once again, gentle listener, to the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week’s episode demands that you tread carefully and quietly, in case you disturb Nate, or awaken the Ken Loach he has trapped in a shipping container in his garden, for we are discussing the best sneakings in games. Our favourite stealthy-me-dos.

We also bring you a long tangent about zoos, a brief discussion on the wonderful lack of complexity in the baddies in Indiana Jones, and a lot of anger at Matthew because he likes banging on the glass at aquariums because he is a monster. Nate threatens to bury him in the desert. Also, there’s all the aforementioned Ken Loach stuff, which goes on a long time. Plus, I bring you a Cavern of Lies that becomes, alas, a Cavern of Sadness.


Alice Bell

You Won’t Get a New GPU for a While. So Why Not Dig up Some of These Less Demanding, Underappreciated Games?

8 hours 52 minutes ago

Nvidia and AMD have released top-tier graphics cards for the next generation of gaming, but you can’t get them anywhere. Trump’s tariffs have raised prices even further this year. And while NVIDIA just announced yet another card—the affordable RTX 3060—I wouldn’t expect to get one of those anytime soon either. So…


Whitson Gordon on The Inventory, shared by Gabe Carey to Kotaku


Resident Evil Showcase on January 21 will include new Village trailer and mystery beta news

9 hours 7 minutes ago

[Update: The Resident Evil showcase event is starting soon.]

Capcom has announced that it will broadcast a special "Resident Evil Showcase" live stream on January 21. The stream will feature a new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil Village, as well as brand new gameplay footage, and "much more" pertaining to the Resident Evil franchise.

Perhaps most intriguingly, Capcom is for applicants who wish to be included in a closed beta for a mystery title that celebrates "the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil." The beta will run from January 28-30 on PS4 and Xbox One. If you are over 18, have a Capcom ID, and have said ID linked to the Resident Evil Ambassador Program, then you can throw your name in the (giant society queen's) hat over on the official Resident Evil website.

Resident Evil Village launches later in 2021 for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

Resident Evil Showcase on January 21 will include new Village trailer and mystery beta news screenshot

Chris Moyse

Ninjala celebrates six million global downloads

9 hours 22 minutes ago

It has to be said that GungHo Online's arena shooter Ninjala didn't quite take the world by storm as the developer had perhaps hoped, but that doesn't mean that the vibrant multiplayer title hasn't won over its fair share of fans. In fact, GungHo just announced a milestone of six million total downloads, garnered over the seven months since the game's release.

Available as a free-to-play title for Nintendo Switch, Ninjala combines chaotic melee combat with acrobatic parlour-style stage traversal, as players battle it out in a number of modes to take their team to victory. Inevitably drawing comparisons with Nintendo's own multiplayer battler, Splatoon, Ninjala has not seen quite the same level of success, but has found favor with some fans due to its lighthearted action and emphasis on customization.

The five million download milestone was achieved back in October 2020, so another million players have jumped into Ninjala's sticky world over the winter period. GungHo Online has more updates planned for the title throughout 2021, so it would appear that – for now at least – Ninjala's bubble hasn't burst.

Ninjala celebrates six million global downloads screenshot

Chris Moyse

Resident Evil Village: 'Re:Verse Mode' and Deluxe Edition Details Leak

9 hours 41 minutes ago
A Humble Bundle store page listing has revealed that Resident Evil Village will feature a mode called Re:Verse. Further details about what bonuses will feature in the game's deluxe edition have also been revealed ahead of today's Resident Evil Showcase stream. Twitter user Edward_Outcast first spotted the leak, posting it to Twitter. The copy they've screen-capped is sourced from the Humble Bundle store page for Resident Evil Village, which is still live as of writing. The description mentions that both versions of the game will include a new mode called Re:Verse. It's not clear yet whether this is a multiplayer mode or something else, but the copy surrounding it mentions "end of service" and its availability suggests as such. "Details of the operational period for Resident Evil Re:Verse, including commencement of availability and any potential announcements relating to the end of service, can be found on the official website," the copy reads. "Please note that, depending on the timing of your purchase of Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil Re:Verse may already no longer be available, and/or the title may become available through other means in the future." [ignvideo url=""] The description also links to a website for Re:Verse, which isn't live just yet. The store page also lists the items contained in the Deluxe Edition of the game. Players who purchase the Deluxe Edition will pick up the 'Trauma Pack' which contains "the "Samurai Edge" weapon, the "Mr.
Jordan Oloman


Stardock's 4X space strategy game Galactic Civilizations III is free this week

9 hours 52 minutes ago

If you're looking to become embroiled in a complex galactic power struggle late into the night, then you may want to nab Galactic Civilizations III, a sci-fi 4X game from Stardock, while it's free to keep.

The Epic Games Store is giving out this 2015 PC game until January 28, 2021. It's the base edition – normally $40 – so you're not getting Galactic Civilizations III's (numerous) DLC packs or expansions.

The next freebie on the Epic Store, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, will be up from January 28 to February 4. One of our readers, Nior, shared an excellent write-up about this "cultural metroidvania."

Me? I'm just getting a kick out of this screenshot that reminds me of Escharum from Halo Infinite.

Stardock's 4X space strategy game Galactic Civilizations III is free this week screenshot

Jordan Devore