Review: Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion Lives Up to its Legacy

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Midgar sprawls out over the horizon, the sky swathed in industrial smoke and the covering of night. The camera pans between steel beams as the Shinra logo comes into view, and from the horizon a helicopter lurches forward. The familiar notes of “Bombing Mission” begin to play. As that helicopter door slides open, Zack Fair steps forward, only moments later hurling himself towards the moving train below. He grins with excitement as he barrels into enemy soldiers, leaping from one train car to the next until he stylishly flips down onto the train platform below. It’s an almost beat for beat recreation of the opening from Final Fantasy VII, and it immediately informs players of how integral a character Zack is to the overall narrative of the game’s extended universe. Once a character mostly swathed in mystery, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion tells the story of what transpired before Avalanche, before Sephiroth’s fall, and before Cloud Strife took up the iconic buster sword as his very own.

The narrative follows Zack during his early days at SOLDIER under the tutelage of Angeal Hewley, SOLDIER 1st Class. The first few hours of the game are colored with his enthusiasm, as he has yet to discover what Shinra developed as part of its SOLDIER program. Shortly after the game kicks off and Zack finishes his first major mission to suppress a revolt in Wutai — a sovereign nation rebelling against Shinra — his mentor goes missing, and with him another SOLDIER 1st Class, Genesis Rhapsados. Promptly promoted in their absence, Zack is assigned to track them down, with the later task of eliminating them.

Kazuma Hashimoto


Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review - enjoyably frivolous fan service with curious implications

1 hour ago

Those soft, eerie strings. The tinkling glockenspiel motif. The camera pans out to show the formidable Shinra corporation building towering over the polluted slums of Midgar, illuminated in sickly greens. The hero arrives on a train and another Final Fantasy 7 adventure begins.

It's a familiar opening for Final Fantasy 7 fans, especially those coming to Crisis Core for the first time, who are yet to experience the PSP prequel to Square Enix's most popular game in its illustrious series but eager to explore this world once more.

And plenty of fans have been gained over the two and a half decades since Final Fantasy 7 released on the PlayStation. It means that now, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (what a mouthful) has a fair bit of heavy lifting to do, as a 2022 remaster of a 2007 prequel to a 1997 game that received a celebrated Remake in 2020. It's for fans of the original PSP game looking for an update. It's for fans of the original JRPG looking for an expanded story. And it's for fans of Remake looking to experience the game's roots - and perhaps even a hint of what's yet to come.

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Ed Nightingale


Call of Duty:: Modern Warfare 2, Nintendo Switch and God of War Ragnarok dominate November | UK Monthly Charts

3 hours 38 minutes ago

Just over 4.3 million games were sold in the UK during November, a drop of 7.3% over the year before, according to the latest GSD figures.

One of the big reasons for this is Call of Duty. This year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched in October, whereas last year the Activision Blizzard game arrived in November.

Even so, Call of Duty was still the biggest game of the month in November by a big margin. In fact, with just four weeks on sale, Modern Warfare 2 almost outsold Call of Duty: Vanguard's lifetime sales to date.

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Christopher Dring

Eddie Murphy Is Jonah Hill’s Skeptical Father-in-Law in This Upcoming Netflix Comedy

6 hours ago

You were likely sold on the idea of this movie from just the headline, which makes perfect sense considering that it stars Eddie Murphy. If you’re going into this expecting a quasi-Father of the Bride remake, you’re on the right track.

The movie is titled You People, which is the most perfect title imaginable after watching Jonah Hill completely embarrass himself in the trailer.

Netflix summarizes the film in the trailer’s description as follows:

A new couple fall in love and find themselves confronting societal expectations and generational differences amidst their families’ clashing cultures in this comedy from Kenya Barris.

Also part of the cast in the role of Jonah Hill’s parents are David Duchovny (The X-Files, Californication) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, Veep). This movie is incredibly stacked with stars and is primed to make a big splash when it premieres. You People will arrive on Netflix in early 2023 on Jan. 27.

Cameron Waldrop


The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Will Finally Fix the Most Annoying Fast-Travel Point

6 hours 55 minutes ago

There has finally been word on the fate of the annoying Crow’s Perch fast travel marker in the next-gen versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The new updated version will see the location of the previously horrendously placed marker moved instead to the courtyard.

That’s right, there will be no more appearing at the edge of town and having to run in. Now you’ll actually travel into Crow’s Perch proper when you have business in the area. As it turns out, the placement of the marker will actually be background flavor during the Bloody Baron quest as a villager works on placing it. Though, it won’t be immediately available on your first trip into Crow’s Perch.

This information comes from Reddit user ParkerP11, who translated an interview CD Projekt RED developers gave to the Polish outlet Gry Online. The quote reads:

So the marker isn’t available from the start, but once we’ve taken Filip Stenger’s story far enough that the functional marker doesn’t break anything, the marker becomes an active fast travel point. Developers arranged all this with the help of a villager who works on placing this object during the quest and at the right moment, just finishes his job.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen versions will release for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on Dec. 14, where we will be able to see all sorts of other issues that have been ironed out.

Cameron Waldrop


Marvel Snap’s Power Cosmic Season Will Not Have a New Cardback as Your Infinite Rank Reward

7 hours 50 minutes ago

Marvel Snap‘s new season, titled The Power Cosmic, has just gone live. And yes, that means it’s time to start your climb back up to Infinite rank yet again. There are some changes with the ranked rewards this season, as players will not longer be getting an exclusive cardback once they hit 100.

Instead, the Infinite rank reward is now a title, Herald of Galactus.

For folks who may already have a title that they love (my personal favorite is “Working” From Home), this should ease up a lot of stress and ladder anxiety that comes with wanting the fancy new cardback. Instead, the two new cardbacks have been relegated to the paid track of the season pass.

If you purchase the season pass, you’ll also get Silver Surfer right off the bat, along with cool variants for The Collector and Infinaut. Over the next few weeks, we should also see new cosmic-themed locations pop up as Featured Locations as well.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

Zhiqing Wan


PS4, PS5, and Xbox Ports of Monster Hunter Rise Will Be Digital Only

7 hours 58 minutes ago

playstation xbox monster hunter rise digital

Capcom announced that the PS4, PS5, and Xbox ports of Monster Hunter Rise will be digital only. So far, it does not plan to release physical copies of the game. This is an update to the news from early December 2022 that Monster Hunter Rise will appear on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. [Thanks, Gematsu!]

For reference, the only way to get a physical version of the game is to purchase it for the Nintendo Switch. When Capcom ported it to PC in 2022, it was also digital only. The lack of a physical release of Monster Hunter Rise is the latest in updates regarding the PS4, PS5, and Xbox ports.  Capcom previously announced that there would be no cross-save support between the PS4 and the PS5 versions of the game.

Stephanie Liu


One of the Best Anime Murder Mystery Thrillers Ever Is Coming to Netflix

8 hours 19 minutes ago

Monster first aired on Japan’s Nippon Television in 2004 and was met with immediate praise. Now, nearly two decades later, the cerebral serial-killer thriller based on the manga of the same name returns for even more fans to enjoy. On Jan. 1, 2023, the New Year kicks off with all 74 episodes of the revered anime available for streaming on Netflix U.S.

Naoki Urasawa’s original manga hit Big Comic Original magazine in 1994, and tells the twisted tale of neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzo Tenma, and his descent into a tangled web of murder and moral quandary as he reconciles his oath to protect human life and the heinous actions of a former patient.

With over 20 million copies sold, Monster is among the best-selling manga series of all time. Its success is due in large part to Urasawa’s intricate storytelling, and a restrained, nuanced approach to weaving such a sobering story in a medium known for fantastical, and hyper-violent narratives.

Monster’s anime is widely considered to be the best of the 2000’s, and boasts one of the best anime villains of all time. A near shot-for-shot adaptation of the source material, the series is hailed not only for its fidelity to Urasawa’s original vision, but its superb art direction, voice acting, and uncompromising dedication to slowly building tension to a fever pitch.

Urasawa’s masterpiece lands on Netflix amid the streaming platform’s initiative to stake its claim as a haven for anime content. With the second season of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys and the final season of Ultraman slated for release in 2023, anime fans have lots to look forward to beyond Monster’s release on New Year’s day.

John Marchi


Legacies of Revan and Peace or Power Make a Return to SWTOR Season 3: Luck of the Draw

10 hours 30 minutes ago

BioWare has finally dropped December’s daily and weekly objectives for Season 3: Luck of the Draw for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and from the looks of it, there’s plenty of content to keep fans engaged for another month.

Running through the list, several objectives in SWTOR are repeats of the previous month; for example, the daily objective throughout the month is to earn 25,000 Personal Conquest Points for a player’s Legacy, with an overarching goal of 200,000 per week.

Each week will also feature a unique task tied to specific classes; for example, the third week of the month will feature Peace or Power, an objective that requires completing missions as a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior—two of the best classes in SWTOR.

Better Analytics makes a return, which has players gathering G.A.M.E Analysis Modules from season objectives, Flashpoints, Uprising, Operations, Lair Bosses, as well as enemies and advancing the season reward track. To capitalize on this, be sure to have PH4-LNX out as a companion to increase the likelihood of earning more modules at one time.

For the more involved tasks in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Legacies of Revan require players to play through a series of flashpoints, such as Maelstrom Prison, The Foundry, and Boarding Party, to name a few. Said flashpoints award a varying degree of points, with the option to earn bonus points for taking down bonus bosses.

Another fun mission SWTOR players can embark on is testing their skills against dangerous enemies in both Capital Punishment and Fearsome Foes, wherein The First and Dread Pirate Karvoy, respectively, must be brought down.

Brady Klinger-Meyers


EA Made A LotR Game With A Tiger Woods Engine

10 hours 44 minutes ago

Making video games is very hard. It can take years of work to ship even a small game. One aspect that can take up a particularly large amount of time and resources is building a custom engine, which is why many devs utilize Unreal, Unity, or another pre-existing engine to help speed up development. That’s very common,…


Zack Zwiezen


Microsoft Flight Simulator Fokker F28 & Oslo Airport Get New Screenshots & Video; Lots of Airports Announced & Released

11 hours 12 minutes ago

Third-party developers had tons of relevant news to share for Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons including aircraft and scenery.

We start with Just Flight, which provided an extensive look at the exterior, interior, and lighting of its upcoming vintage regional airliner Fokker F28 Fellowship.

The developer plans to release the aircraft in the first half of 2023.

Giuseppe Nelva


Fortnite (?) Is Now One Of The Best-Looking Games On Earth (?!)

11 hours ago

One of the big reasons Fortnite became one of the biggest games on the planet is because it could run on anything, from phones to tired laptops to hand-me-down desktops. That’s created an expectation that the game is graphically basic, but as we head into 2023 the shooter—first released in 2017—just got one hell of a…


Luke Plunkett


CD Projekt Red Will Stop Supporting Gwent, Its Witcher Card Game, In 2024

11 hours 34 minutes ago

CD Projekt Red has announced that Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, will stop receiving report by the end of 2024, with the studio's plans shifting to something it's calling Project Gwentfinity.

Speaking with IGN, the studio laid out some of its short- and long-term plans for its Witcher spin-off game. In 2023 Gwent will have three expansions in April, July, and September that'll release 72 cards total ahead of more esports tournaments. Monthly balance changes are still expected to be made, and two more esports tournaments are planned. However, the majority of the team will be moving onto a new project, with only a few team members staying behind to support Gwent until its sunsetted in 2024.

As support winds down, the team will move to a reimagined version of the game which it's calling Project Gwentfinity--its name perhaps suggesting that the team views this successor to be better suited as a live-service. Project Gwentfinity will have a seasonal progression system that'll reward players for having a creative deck, and it will also have a new balancing feature that allows the community to vote on what changes will be made. Few other details have yet been revealed, and it's likely the team will be heads-down for a while before we hear much more about it.

The team's communications manager kicked off Gwent's farewell tour on Twitter over the weekend, inviting the game's community to make the new year "as epic as possible."

Luis Gutierrez


David Harbour and Jodie Comer are Starring in a Horror Game

11 hours 46 minutes ago

Stranger Things actor David Harbour and Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer are in a video game that is slated to come out sometime next year.

Speaking with FanNation, Harbour says, “I actually have one coming out. Me and Jodie Comer did a video game. That'll be coming out…I think it's next year. A horror game.”

There weren’t any more details about what game they’ll be starring in, but if it’s going to release in 2023, then most likely we won’t have to wait too much longer to learn more. There are plenty of horror games that are set to release next year, including the Dead Space remake, Resident Evil 4 remake, and Alan Wake 2.

It’s possible that the game could be the next entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Directive 8020. The survival horror series is known for utilizing real-life actors and actresses and incorporating their likenesses into the game, such as Will Poulter in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.

George Yang


The Razer Viper Ultimate is down to $60 with its fancy magnetic charging dock

11 hours 58 minutes ago

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a legendary ultralight mouse, offering bulletproof wireless, optical switched buttons, a convenient charging dock and a lightweight 74 gram design. That's probably why this ultra-premium option launched at an eye-watering $149.99 when it debuted three years ago. Now though, Amazon are offering the Viper Ultimate for its lowest ever price, just $59.99, fancy magnetic charging dock included. This is an awesome deal - and I'm not just saying that because I use this mouse every day (and have done for years).

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Will Judd

Inkulinati | New Gameplay Today

11 hours 59 minutes ago

In Inkulinati, you play a strategy game on the pages of medieval manuscripts. The game was originally announced in 2020 (before Pentiment) and we took a look at it earlier this year. Now, however, we had a chance to go hands-on. Join Marcus Stewart and Kyle Hilliard for a look at this unique game that is surprisingly reliant on the tactical power of farts.

Kyle Hilliard

New Valorant Weapon Skin Bundle ‘Cryostasis’ Has Ice-Cool Wintery Theme

12 hours 1 minute ago

There’s a new premium weapon skin bundle coming to Valorant soon, and it looks like a good one. Called Cryostasis, it’s designed around a frigid, icy theme. Whether or not it has upgrade tiers that include special effects, audio, and a finisher remains to be seen.

Update: The Cryostasis bundle is confirmed to have upgrader tiers and a finisher. There is also a special effect that sees ice grow on your weapon throughout the game. The bundle is likely to cost 7100VP.

That’s because the bundle hasn’t been detailed yet beyond a quick tease from Riot Games via social media. In case it wasn’t clear from the picture above, the Cryostasis bundle includes the following weapons:

  • Hammer (melee)
  • Classic
  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Operator

Valorant Cryostasis Bundle Price & Release Date

We don’t have official word yet on the price, but we’re going to assume it’s at least a deluxe-tier bundle, if not a premium-tier bundle. That would put the price at either 1250 VP or 12750 VP. Again, we’re speculating here until we know more, so we’ll be sure to update this article with more information as and when we hear it.

As for the release date, it’s not actually coming this week along with the patch but the following one: Wednesday, Dec. 14.

For more on Valorant, check out our overview of the upcoming Chamber nerf that is likely to be included in tomorrow’s patch. There are also a whole bunch of Agent changes that are likely to come soon as well if the PBE server trial goes ahead.

Alex Gibson


The Callisto Protocol Performance Issues Were a 'Damn Clerical Error" Per Studio CEO

12 hours 4 minutes ago

The Callisto Protocol’s stuttering issues are due to a “damn clerical error,” according to Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield.

In a string of separate replies on Twitter, Schofield explained that at launch, the wrong file was patched in for The Callisto Protocol and that the error occurred because someone was in a rush. “I’ll figure out how this happened but right now my focus is fixing. All our energy is on that. In the end, I’m responsible and accountable,” Schofield said.

On Steam, players have been review-bombing the game due to its poor performance. However, a patch went live late on launch day which helped improve the stuttering issues.

Another patch was issued for the console versions that were experiencing crashing and framerate issues. Striking Distance Studio also explains that it will continue to improve the game’s performance and listen to feedback.

George Yang


The ultimate laptop NVMe SSD, the SK Hynix Gold P31 2TB, is down to $146

12 hours 18 minutes ago

The SK Hynix Gold P31 is widely considered one of the finest laptop SSDs available - because it's not only fast, but it's extremely power-efficient. That means it produces little waste heat, and allows your laptop to stretch its legs in terms of battery life too. It's normally over $200 for 2TB, but for Prime members it's now available for $146 - an almighty deal for this drive.

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Will Judd

Meet The Gun-Toting Monsters Of Palworld In New Trailer

12 hours 37 minutes ago


Palworld, AKA “That bizarre Pokémon-ish game with guns”, has a new trailer that puts names to the many cuddly faces that star in this over-the-top adventure.

Meet the Pal, the monsters that roam Palworld’s colorful yet kind of messed up world. These cuddly though often dangerous critters include the seemingly love-obsessed Lovander, grass panda Mossanda, and Tanzee, which is basically Grookey if it possessed a love for the AK-47. Sure, some of them boldly walk the line of being outright copies of existing Pokémon, but these can carry guns, which we imagine is enough of a separation to repel any lawyers. Check out the latest trailer below. 

Marcus Stewart

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King was made using Tiger Woods

12 hours 40 minutes ago

It's not everyday you see something on Twitter that makes you wonder how many beloved classics from your childhood were made using golf games. Today is one of those days, as it turns out The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King was built using the modified engine of an undisclosed Tiger Woods title.

"Lord Of The Rings is about large areas, then a castle at the end or a fortress - what's like that?", asks Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield in the video below. "Tiger Woods", he answers.


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Matt Cox

The Death Of DJ Game Fuser Is A Huge Bummer

12 hours 44 minutes ago

Fuser, the DJ game from original Guitar Hero creator and Rock Band studio Harmonix, is shutting down its live service content and ceasing sales. This comes just two years after the music-mixing game launched—and it’s honestly a big bummer.


Alyssa Mercante


Pokemon GO December Community Days Feature Returning ‘Mons

12 hours 46 minutes ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Like past years since Community Day began in Pokemon GO, the month of December will have a two-day long event. During this time, all previously featured Community Day Pokemon from the calendar year will be available in the wild and able to learn their event-exclusive attacks.

This time around, the December Community Days are scheduled for Dec. 17 and 18 from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. On the first day, Sandshrew, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Geodude, Hopip, Spheal, and Stufful will be more common in the wild. During the second day, Teddiursa, Galarian Zigzagoon, Starly, Roggenrola, Litwick, and Deino will be featured. Bulbasaur, Dratini, and Mudkip will appear in the wild on both days to celebrate the Community Day Classic events that happened over the last year.

The raids on both days will feature Pokemon from past Community Day events that didn’t take place in 2022. One-star raids will have 11 different possible Pokemon during this two-day event. The full list consists of Machop, Eevee, Roselia, Swablu, Duskull, Shinx, Gible, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Fletchling. These same 11 Pokemon will also be available in 2 km Eggs.

All Pokemon featured in wild spawns will be able to get their Community Day attacks when fully evolved during the event times. The one exception is Ursaluna which must be evolved between Dec. 17 at 2 PM local time and Dec. 18 at 6 AM or Dec. 18 at 2 PM until 9 PM. During these two windows of time, there will be a special full moon in the game’s sky.

Just like with every other Community Day event, there will be a $1 paid special research story, a set of Timed Research tasks, and a handful of bonuses. However, these bonuses are more abundant than on most Community Days.

Omar Banat


Dwarf Fortress' Steam Upgrade Was Worth The Wait

12 hours 49 minutes ago

Dwarf Fortress’ reputation precedes it. Likely the most intensely detailed simulation game ever devised, its strategic depths, which grow deeper each new update, are rivaled only by the modestness of its text-based visuals. But now, 16 years after its debut, a new Steam (and edition has emerged from the…


Claire Jackson


Toe Jam and Earl Movie Adaptation is Hollywood's Deepest Video Game Pull Yet

12 hours 50 minutes ago

There's yet another video-game-to-film adaptation on the way, and this time it's the funky spacefaring duo ToeJam & Earl getting the star treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, '90s retro action series ToeJam & Earl will make its film debut in a project from Amazon Studios, Story Kitchen, and NBA star Stephen Curry's Unanimous Media. As for its script, Hotel Transylvania 4 writers Amos Vernon and Nunzio are on board for the screenplay.

Unanimous Media's Curry and Erick Peyton will produce the ToeJam & Earl film alongside Sonic the Hedgehog's Dan Jevons and Dmitri M. Johnson. In addition to the movie's early talent, The Hollywood Reporter also shared ToeJam & Earl's film synopsis:

"Earth, their legends tell them, is the Paradise where the music that created their culture originated. Unfortunately for our heroes, not only do they wreck their ship, but they find that Earth is . . . well, not the haven they expected. But the music – that part was true. So begins their quest to find as much of that music as they can in the hope of saving their planet, and maybe ours as well."

At least from a brief overview, it sounds like the pieces of what fans may remember from the rogue-like are there — but we'll have to wait and see if the alien pair from creator Greg Johnson share the series' hyper-stylized art and funky beats in the film.

Andrea Shearon


The Witcher 3 New-Gen Update Supports Many, But Not All, Of Its Most Popular Mods

13 hours 7 minutes ago

CD Projekt Red is bringing official mod integration and additional modding tools alongside The Witcher 3's new-gen PC update.

In a post on the official CD Projekt Red forums, a developer representative outlines plans for modding compatibility. It has been six years since the last major PC update, so it's inevitable that a new update will change basic files in such a way that renders some mods unusable. In this post, CD Projekt Red linked a list of the Witcher 3's most popular mods to show whether or not they are compatible with the upcoming patch. For example, compatible mods include the All Quest Objectives On Map and the Over 9000 Weight Limit mod. Incompatible mods include Always Full Exp and Slots Slots Slots.

Keep in mind that this is a list based on CD Projekt Red's own testing efforts. The particularities of your setup or installed mods, changes made to the patch after the list was compiled, or future updates might change compatibility for you. A team of modding experts will also help modders fix compatibility issues after the patch's launch.

Alongside the update, a new version of the Witcher 3 modding command line tool, called Modkit, will release. It will fix various pre-existing bugs and be adapted for the new version of the game. Wolvenkit, an all-in-one tool for editing and creating Witcher 3 mods, will also receive a new update.

Grace Benfell


Best of 2022: Games, Movies, TV Shows, Comics and Anime

13 hours 11 minutes ago

It's hard to believe, but 2022 is about to come to a close. As we look forward to the incredible stories and moments waiting for us in 2023, we think it's the perfect time to celebrate what made this year so special in the world of entertainment and games.

To accomplish this goal, we will be revealing our nominees for the best video games, movies, TV shows, comics and anime of 2022 over the course of this week, and next week the winners will be revealed. We wish the best of luck to all nominees and, win or not, they should all be proud of what they accomplished this past year.

Best Movies of 2022

We're kicking off the week by revealing our picks for the best films of 2022. From Everything Everywhere All at Once to RRR to Top Gun: Maverick and more, moviegoers were treated to a wide range of stories well worth that bucket of popcorn.

This year, we have five movie categories, and they are as follows;

Adam Bankhurst


Marvel's Midnight Suns Tips For Beginners

13 hours 12 minutes ago

Marvel's Midnight Suns combines the turn-based tactics of XCOM with deck building and Marvel superheroes. When you aren't battling the forces of Lilith, you will need to build bonds with your teammates and invest in upgrades. While you don't need to worry about losing units in the heat of battle, there are a ton of systems to invest in. The Marvel license is likely to bring new fans to this sort of tactical experience, so if you're new to the genre, or even the heroes, here are some tips to help you get started in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Learn and maximize different types of moves

One of the most important aspects of combat in Marvel's Midnight Suns is maximizing your cards and moves to take out the most enemies each turn. For most turns you will have three card plays you can do, along with two redraws, and one move. As you get different bonuses and upgrades, this might not always be the case, but it's the standard. Each card will list what it does, the type of card it is, and how much damage it does, if it does damage.

There are effects like Quick, which refunds a card play if you knock out an enemy with it, or Knockback, which sends an enemy flying in a direction on hit. Maximizing quick cards will allow you to play more cards than you typically could. Another important aspect is the Heroism counter. Heroism is represented by an orange number, when it's in the bottom corner of the card, playing it generates heroism while if it's on the top it generates heroism. More powerful abilities cost heroism and it can be used to perform environmental attacks. It's important to make sure you're actively building heroism, there are even missions where you need heroism to complete the objective.

James Carr


Laplus Darkness on Hiatus to Focus on Mental Health

13 hours 29 minutes ago

Laplus Darkness Taking Mental Health Hiatus

Hololive announced that Vtuber Laplus Darkness will be going on hiatus due to her mental health. Per a tweet from the agency's official Twitter account, she and Hololive's management team agreed to allow her to suspend her activities and focus on recuperating. It is unknown how long her hiatus will last. The agency also apologized for any concern and inconvenience.

Following the announcement, which comes just over a week after her one-year anniversary, Laplus posted a tweet stating that she hopes to get better soon so that she can get back to having fun with everyone. She asks people to wait for her to return, saying that she will definitely be back. You can check out the tweet (in Japanese) below:

Laplus Darkness is not the first Hololive Vtuber to go on hiatus for mental health purposes. In the past, both Akai Haato and Murasaki Shion took breaks from their Vtuber activities at least in part because of mental health concerns. Haato went on a three-week mental health break back in April 2021, while Shion took time off for both her physical and mental health in June of the same year. Shion stated that on top of worsening issues with her throat, the announcement of fellow Hololive VTuber Kiryu Coco's graduation was taxing her emotionally.

Adam Haffen